A Romance Story

A young boy named Moose with sparkling eyes like the sea and wavy hairstyle as the morning breeze. He lived with ups and downs in his life, but mostly downs. He has problems when it comes to girls. He would always be thinking of being with one. One day, he was in elementary school and there are two girls in his class that always bothered him. At first, he had no problem being bothered and had taken it lightly. But after a while he couldn’t stand being bothered all the time, so he had hit those girls and pinched them.

Soon he went to summer school before entering middle school and found out that there is a student in the next class that went to the same elementary school with him. Turns out to be that girl that bothered him. Her name was Sophia. Sophia and Moose weren’t that close ever since the tragedy in elementary school. But After some time, a friend of Sophia told Moose that she likes him and Moose could hardly believe it but soon he started to have an interest in Sophia until one day. Sophia asked Moose to go out with her and Moose unsurprisingly said yes to her.

The next following year, they both become middle school students. During the school year, both Moose and Sophia were really shy since it was their first time ever to date. In their case, they used love letters to communicate with each other. These love letters start from short to long letters each day. They sent them to each other through their friends.

After a while, Moose felt tired of sending notes again so he tried to confront Sophia himself but it was a mistake because was really shy and ended up embarrassing himself. Next time he confronted Sophia was when it was her birthday, where he bought her a necklace with a heart. He was nervous that she wouldn’t like it but she actually liked it. Days and months had past but they both still send each other love letters, so then the next following year. Sophia made the decision to break up with Moose. Moose was devastated about the news and wants the reason for the breakup but Sophia won’t tell him.

At this following year, Moose had lived a normal life until he met a new friend, a friend of Sophia’s actually and surprisingly she was the same nationality as Moose. Her name was Angie. Moose has slowly become friends with Angie and later became best friends. In school, they both would hang out with each other and eat together with their friends.

Since Angie was Sophia’s friend, moose thought that maybe she knew why Sophia broke up with him. So, later Moose asked Angie and she said Sophia dated him because she felt sorry for him and just wanted him to be happy. Moose was speechless but inside he was completely devastated upon hearing the news. But he was kind of happy that Angie told him so he wouldn’t be wondering all the time. Moose also became best friends with her because he trusted her and she was honest.

Her friends were actually Moose’s friends also and they both got along well. Moose was slightly broke at that time so he begged food from his friends. Even though it’s kind of embarrassing he still did it anyways as long as he eats.

After some time, Moose was happily texting Angie one day and asked her, “Hey, what would you do if I were to ask you out?” and surprisingly she said she would scream and tell her friends. Moose then made the decision to ask her out and Angie said yes to him. But she didn’t reply for a while maybe because she really did call her friends about it.

So the next following day, they both were kind of awkward about it but they broke the ice and got together without shyness or embarrassments. They were both happy and their classes were both close to each other. When either of their class finishes first one of them would wait for the others, outside the class until they come out.

After several months passing, Moose saw Angie waiting outside and saw her expression as if she were sad and slightly down. But he let it go and ignored it. He didn’t want to bother with her emotions. But day after day, he keeps seeing that same expression again and again and out of nowhere her friends came up to us and said something like “Are you going to tell him? Or when are you going to tell him?”. By that time, I just knew something wasn’t right but I just wanted to be happy and ignored it again.

So later the next following week she asked if we can meet but he didn’t want but just asked through text messaging. He then asked why “did you want to meet me”. And she replied you probably already know. Moose had a bad feeling about it. So he just said he doesn’t know. And soon she said its because she wants to break up with him. Moose again was devastated and depressed about why every time he went out with girls they would break up at the beginning of a new year.

Moose wanted to know the reason why she broke up with him but she wouldn’t tell. In school every time they would meet, it would always be awkward and weird. Moose’s expression was always sad and depressed while Angie was Happy but Moose could see what her real expression is inside. She felt bad.

For so many days passing by, we lived our lives naturally. Sometimes Moose feels like something is missing, which is someone who loves him and someone to love. Seeing his past girlfriends they already have a new boyfriend whom they love while Moose is all alone.

In after school activity, Moose had been with his friends to study and turned out to find his ex-girlfriend, Sophia joining the after school activity too. At first, it was a little awkward between them but they got along again. But not as much as they used to. There Moose also made new friends who are his juniors. There was one girl whose name is Kayla. She was a grade below him. They got together because his friends introduced him to her. She then became his friend and soon to be best friends. They texted and chatted with each other every day and Moose started to have feelings for her and asked her out. She said yes. Somehow Moose has a thing for girls. So they dated but it was during the holidays so they couldn’t meet each other. So they just chatted and texted each other until the days become dark and dark becomes day again.

But a problem arises within the couple. Kayla was always into Moose’s time. It seemed like he had no space because Kayla is always texting him asking him, chatting, always like all day all night. So then Moose had to end it. He broke with her due to the annoyance she has done to him. When school started again, her friends said she moved to Florida. Maybe it was because she didn’t want to meet Moose? He never knew why. Her friends and Moose’s friends were pretty upset about it and got mad at him for doing such a thing. One of his friends would slap him for dumping her and another wouldn’t even talk to him.

So then Moose can’t go on in life with this. He decided to not go and date girls anymore until College or work at the age of 20’s. He wanted to focus on his studies and go get a doctor’s degree with a well-paying job. After several years being out of states, he had to go back to his home country Indonesia where he has begun his new love life.

In Indonesia, he continued his High school years. In high school, he met lots of different people with many personalities that he may dislike or does not suite him. But he had to go with it no matter what. Upon entering school he saw a girl named Terry with straight hair has the trees and walked pass him with a scent that smelled like roses.

When Moose entered the class, found out that Terry was also in his class which means they’re both in the same grade. He wanted to get close with Terry but it was hard because she seemed to have a boyfriend named Bob at the same class as us too. So Moose just ended up being friends with Terry and became best friends with her. But Moose couldn’t keep his feelings to his own so he told her how much he loves her. But still, she didn’t bother to like him instead she just looked at Moose as a best friend or a brother. Which means that Moose has been friend zoned.

So then, Moose continued his high school life normally as usual until grade 11. He was a lonely student, most of his close friends left already after 10th grade. In Moose’s class, he wasn’t close with anyone, so he had to make friends with the junior students.

But Moose didn’t know that there are some people who like’s Moose within the juniors. So Moose just became friends with the juniors. He also wanted to be friends with them so he can help them in their upcoming lives. So they won’t make the same mistake that he made when he was young as them.

During the following year, Moose was talking to one of the Juniors named Merry. Merry was one of the juniors that like Moose. So, Merry wanted to confess to Moose that she likes him, so when maybe she confesses he might like her back. Then When Merry really contested to Moose, She was really happy and so was Moose. But Moose didn’t want Merry to know about it because it wanted to think through.

After several weeks, He then also confessed to Merry that he likes her and so the next day he asked her out and they both became a couple in school. But they didn’t want anyone to know at first but later rumors and gossips made everyone know about us and even the principle knows about it which made them really surprised. But the two couple didn’t care and lived a happy life in school.


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