Once in a Valentine

Once upon a time, there was a little boy from a random family. It’s his first time going to high school, and he’s super nervous about it. So as the day goes on he went to school alone. Where he knows nobody. Until then, he saw a girl who is white as snow, and beautiful as girls can be. So he made a plan that he has to be friends with that girl but he saw no chance cuz of the people she hangs around with. So then, every day he goes to school looking at this girl wondering when can I ever be friends with her. And suddenly it’s valentines day.

Where couples are giving each other chocolates and stuff while he’s alone with nobody except himself. But then he saw someone waiting near his locker and it turns out to be the beautiful girl. He was most surprised that left him speechless. And that girl didn’t say anything but gave a chocolate in boxed heart 💝 and a letter wrapped around it and left the boy alone again. So as the boy got home, he read the letter that the girl gave. And says ‘Hi, I like you. 😊 will you be my valentine?’ And the boy was surprised that he kept thinking of that girl being his girlfriend.

So the next day, as soon as he found the girl he ran to her and said ‘yes! Yes I will be your valentine’ and the girl was really embarrassed and her friends were all like 😏 and shouting woot woot. So she ran away and left the boy. The boy tried to find her but couldn’t. Until she was on her way to class. He waited for her to finish class and when class finished he said to her. ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ And she said ‘sure’ ☺️ So the next day they were dating and having a happy life


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