Chances in a million 

A young boy from a faraway village had a chance to go to the vast city. He always dreamed of going to the city since he was a little kid. With the chance that he took, he travelled throughout the city. He didn’t have enough money to use public transportation nor will people give him a ride because of his appearance.

As the boy walked around the city, he discovered many unknown, uncommon things wherever he goes. His village was just a simple one with average infrastructure. Therefore, he would wonder from time to time on what things are and how they would work. Some other time, the boy would go to supermarkets but was shut out not long after because of his appearance yet again. The boy then fell to depression. He felt miserable with his appearance not being able to fit in the modern society.

Until a man came up to him and said to the boy, what is wrong?. The boy then complained how the society didn’t accept him for who he is. The man stood up and hug the boy as if it was his own son. The man said do not think that way child. The society has fallen ill. It is not you who should be ashamed but the people. The man then asked the boy if he would like to come to the man’s house and the boy with a grateful expression replied with a yes.

The boy’s perception of society then changed after the being helped by the man. As they both went to the man’s place, the man gave the boy clothes and food and a warm shower. He asked where the boy lives, and the boy replied and said “I live in a faraway village at the outskirts of the city”. The boy’s village is not known or visited by many due to the bad infrastructure.

The man would like to visit the village and take a look at the situation there. By that being said, the man also wanted to take the boy home before his parents start to worry of him.

As the man drove the boy home. The man notices that the road is starting to get rough and the enviroment is starting to look strange as if it hasn’t been taken care of properly. Not long after that, they arrived at the boy’s house. The man then meets the boy’s parents and came for a drink inside.

The man introduced himself and the parents were shocked to hear who he is. The man is actually the Major of the city that the boy went to. The boy also hadn’t realize who the man until then. The mayor asked for a walk around the village after the short introduction.

As the mayor went back to the city, he requested to have a repair of infrastructure at the village to help the people living at the village since its part of the region. After about a month, the boy’s family received a mail from the mayor and within the letter contained a cheque for the boy’s education and a special thanks for making the mayor feel welcome at his house.


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