How to Make Friends in College

The transition between high school and college may be pretty drastic especially to those students who were slacking off. Well, worry no more with some useful guidance on your way to college.

Make Friends, Make Connections

Say Hi! Hello! How are you? Be the person to start the conversation. Believe it or not but people actually want to talk to you! They’re just afraid to start it off, therefore, it is up to you to get the ball rolling.

Let’s just say its the first day of college in a new following semester. it’s normal to see a batch of new students roaming around getting lost or what-not. That’s the best chance to make interactions with them since your both lost anyway or perhaps you guys might be in the same class! The possibilities are uncountable therefore take that chance before its too late. Your friends in college will also be your connections in the life after college, the life of work. Maybe you couldn’t land your dream job (hey, that’s normal buddy). Your friends could hook you up with their connections and help you get a job. That’s what friends are for, right? We help each other in time of need.



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