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A Romance Story

A young boy named Moose with sparkling eyes like the sea and wavy hairstyle as the morning breeze. He lived with ups and downs in his life, but mostly downs. He has problems when it comes to girls. He would always be thinking of being with one. One day, he was in elementary school and there are two girls in his class that always bothered him. At first, he had no problem being bothered and had taken it lightly. But after a while he couldn’t stand being bothered all the time, so he had hit those girls and pinched them.

Soon he went to summer school before entering middle school and found out that there is a student in the next class that went to the same elementary school with him. Turns out to be that girl that bothered him. Her name was Sophia. Sophia and Moose weren’t that close ever since the tragedy in elementary school. But After some time, a friend of Sophia told Moose that she likes him and Moose could hardly believe it but soon he started to have an interest in Sophia until one day. Sophia asked Moose to go out with her and Moose unsurprisingly said yes to her.

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Love on First Sight

It’s that time again where fireworks come by in the month of August. Allen wanted to hang out with his friends but it seemed like not many friends are available except for two friends named Amy and Harry. These three fellows promised to meet in downtown where the fireworks will take place.

Allen is known to be an early bird as he always comes early to any occasion, therefore, Allen walked around the park in downtown as he waited for his friends. At the park, he passes many couples and makes him wonder when he’ll ever get the chance to be like them. Allen has always wanted to be with a girl holding hands unto the night sky but all he can do is dream and imagine it happen.

After a long wait, Amy finally messaged Allen that she’s almost at the park and she brought a friend of her’s from college. Allen who is a shy person becomes nervous as he will be meeting this friend of Amy’s. So, as Allen was walking back near the entrance of the park, he saw Amy with this other person (guessing it’s Amy’s friend). Allen decided to surprise Amy by following them from behind.

Allen’s last message to Amy was to meet near the fountain in the center of the park. So, as they went to the middle, Allen surprised them! Surprisingly, Amy’s friend almost fell unto the fountain but Allen caught her hand and pulled her back. Allen apologized and asked if she’s okay. She said she was okay and introduced herself as Tammy. Amy, on the other hand, was worried yet smirking at Allen for what just happened.

Allen then introduced himself towards Tammy and has never left her out of his sight. Not long after that incident, the fireworks started. The three of them sat down near the fountain and Allen received a message from Harry saying that he just woke up from an evening nap and asked if he was late and ended up not being able to come. Which means Allen has more time spending time with the ladies.

In the midst of the event, Allen was able to get to know Tammy better and is able to get her contact number. In the end, Allen didn’t really pay attention to the fireworks but more unto Tammy. Maybe it’s love at first sight or maybe it’s not. Allen has never forgotten her even after going back home because all he can think about was Tammy and wanting to be with her, he sees the future with this girl whom he has just met.

Once in a Valentine

Once upon a time, there was a little boy from a random family. It’s his first time going to high school, and he’s super nervous about it. So as the day goes on he went to school alone. Where he knows nobody. Until then, he saw a girl who is white as snow, and beautiful as girls can be. So he made a plan that he has to be friends with that girl but he saw no chance cuz of the people she hangs around with. So then, every day he goes to school looking at this girl wondering when can I ever be friends with her. And suddenly it’s valentines day.

Where couples are giving each other chocolates and stuff while he’s alone with nobody except himself. But then he saw someone waiting near his locker and it turns out to be the beautiful girl. He was most surprised that left him speechless. And that girl didn’t say anything but gave a chocolate in boxed heart 💝 and a letter wrapped around it and left the boy alone again. So as the boy got home, he read the letter that the girl gave. And says ‘Hi, I like you. 😊 will you be my valentine?’ And the boy was surprised that he kept thinking of that girl being his girlfriend.

So the next day, as soon as he found the girl he ran to her and said ‘yes! Yes I will be your valentine’ and the girl was really embarrassed and her friends were all like 😏 and shouting woot woot. So she ran away and left the boy. The boy tried to find her but couldn’t. Until she was on her way to class. He waited for her to finish class and when class finished he said to her. ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ And she said ‘sure’ ☺️ So the next day they were dating and having a happy life

Chances in a million 

A young boy from a faraway village had a chance to go to the vast city. He always dreamed of going to the city since he was a little kid. With the chance that he took, he travelled throughout the city. He didn’t have enough money to use public transportation nor will people give him a ride because of his appearance.

As the boy walked around the city, he discovered many unknown, uncommon things wherever he goes. His village was just a simple one with average infrastructure. Therefore, he would wonder from time to time on what things are and how they would work. Some other time, the boy would go to supermarkets but was shut out not long after because of his appearance yet again. The boy then fell to depression. He felt miserable with his appearance not being able to fit in the modern society.

Until a man came up to him and said to the boy, what is wrong?. The boy then complained how the society didn’t accept him for who he is. The man stood up and hug the boy as if it was his own son. The man said do not think that way child. The society has fallen ill. It is not you who should be ashamed but the people. The man then asked the boy if he would like to come to the man’s house and the boy with a grateful expression replied with a yes.

The boy’s perception of society then changed after the being helped by the man. As they both went to the man’s place, the man gave the boy clothes and food and a warm shower. He asked where the boy lives, and the boy replied and said “I live in a faraway village at the outskirts of the city”. The boy’s village is not known or visited by many due to the bad infrastructure.

The man would like to visit the village and take a look at the situation there. By that being said, the man also wanted to take the boy home before his parents start to worry of him.

As the man drove the boy home. The man notices that the road is starting to get rough and the enviroment is starting to look strange as if it hasn’t been taken care of properly. Not long after that, they arrived at the boy’s house. The man then meets the boy’s parents and came for a drink inside.

The man introduced himself and the parents were shocked to hear who he is. The man is actually the Major of the city that the boy went to. The boy also hadn’t realize who the man until then. The mayor asked for a walk around the village after the short introduction.

As the mayor went back to the city, he requested to have a repair of infrastructure at the village to help the people living at the village since its part of the region. After about a month, the boy’s family received a mail from the mayor and within the letter contained a cheque for the boy’s education and a special thanks for making the mayor feel welcome at his house.

How to Make Friends in College

The transition between high school and college may be pretty drastic especially to those students who were slacking off. Well, worry no more with some useful guidance on your way to college.

Make Friends, Make Connections

Say Hi! Hello! How are you? Be the person to start the conversation. Believe it or not but people actually want to talk to you! They’re just afraid to start it off, therefore, it is up to you to get the ball rolling.

Let’s just say its the first day of college in a new following semester. it’s normal to see a batch of new students roaming around getting lost or what-not. That’s the best chance to make interactions with them since your both lost anyway or perhaps you guys might be in the same class! The possibilities are uncountable therefore take that chance before its too late. Your friends in college will also be your connections in the life after college, the life of work. Maybe you couldn’t land your dream job (hey, that’s normal buddy). Your friends could hook you up with their connections and help you get a job. That’s what friends are for, right? We help each other in time of need.